Shared office rental in Tarragona with Grismateria

We have the rental of shared offices in Tarragona Reus that you need to carry out your business activities now.

We offer the best opportunities in shared offices for rent and coworking solutions in Reus Tarragona.

Shared Office Rental in Tarragona for Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed

Welcome to our coworking space in Tarragona, designed with you in mind, the entrepreneur, young entrepreneur, self-employed and small business owner. Not Grismatter, We offer flexible and collaborative solutions that adapt to your business needs.

Discover our spaces for your company

At Grismateria we created a business space innovative, elegant, I point to Reus Tarragona. We understand that the work environment is key to the success of your business. Our shared office rental in Tarragona Reus has an area of 2.500 m2 equipped with 110 parking spaces, integrated home automation, surveillance service, individualized air conditioning, joint reception service, Lunch service, coffee shop, training and conference rooms.

Shared office rental

Shared office rental in Tarragona Reus for the times when you need to work away from home, contact clients or take advantage of networking.

Flexibility and scalability

Businesses evolve, That's why we offer flexible rental options. Choose and change your space according to the needs of your company, paying only for what you need.

Collaborative environment

We encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas between professionals. Our space provides opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Private offices ready to work

Rental of private offices from 10m2 up to 35m2. If you need your own private office in Reus Tarragona, You have it at the best price in Grismateria.

Services and Amenities


Social and tax domiciliation of your company

We provide the commercial and tax address you need to establish your business professionally.

Access to the center 24/7

Your business does not have fixed hours, and neither do we. Access your office at any time of the day.

Reception service

Our team will be available to welcome your visitors and help you with whatever you need.. (service available at certain times, Consult)

Training rooms

Enjoy access to training rooms ideal for presentations, professional meetings and selection processes.

Internet access with fiber optics and WiFi

Stay connected without interruptions with our high-speed fiber optic connection.

Individual air conditioning

Individual automatic video intercom per office

Furnished office (optional)

Access to dining room and rest room

Vending services

alquiler de oficinas compartidas en Tarragona
alquiler de oficinas compartidas en Tarragona  Reus Grismateria
alquiler de oficinas compartidas en Tarragona 2
alquiler oficinas compartidas amuebladas reus
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Discover how our coworking space in Tarragona can boost your business

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